Scottish Rite

For over two centuries the Scottish Rite has been the medium for many Master Masons to reflect upon their relationship with their faith, their fellow man and with themselves. It enables Master Masons to add to their Masonic knowledge and to witness colourful Scottish Rite “degrees” which are dramatic presentations exploring the philosophy, history, ethics and ultimate truths that guide Freemasons’ lives. The Scottish Rite delves further into Masonic teachings and is meant to provide more insight into living a more meaningful way of life for a Master Mason and his family. It also provides opportunities to enjoy friendship and association with a larger and wider cross-section of like-minded men and their families.


In Canada the Scottish Rite, through the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation, provides generous research grants and bursaries toward the finding of causes, prevention and treatment of all forms of the Puzzles of the Mind such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Dyslexia.  Dyslexia and how it affects children is being addressed by Scottish Rite Learning Centres for children situated across Canada. The Valley of Calgary supports the Scottish Rite Learning Centre of Calgary, which assists children with dyslexia.

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