Order of DeMolay

DeMolay is the premier youth leadership organization building young men of character, and dedicated to making young men better people and leaders. Providing a program based on timeless principles and practical experience, DeMolay strives to not only create the extraordinary leader, but a leader of character. DeMolays hold themselves to a higher moral standard, striving to constantly improve and be better each and every day. DeMolay is a youth-led, adult-advised organization in which young men learn to plan, organize, and facilitate their own programs. DeMolays take part in a wide-range of activities, from athletic competitions, to public speaking tournaments, to community service events. A family connection to Masonry is not a prerequisite for membership into DeMolay.


DeMolay encourages its members to identify and understand the needs of their communities. The young men learn to develop and participate in youth-led responses to those needs such as hunger, homelessness, illness and veterans’ causes to name a few.

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